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Aptoide Ios, Aptoide for Ios, Aptoide for Download Ios 7,8,9

Aptoide iOS

Aptoide Ios, a place where you will learn about the great App called Aptoide which you can be used for Ios Devices and Android Devices. We will also tell you about how you can download Aptoide App for your Iphone, Ipad, and Android and for Desktop Pcs.

What is Aptoide:

Aptoide is the 2nd largest app marketplace after Google play store, where you can find apps for your android device and Ios device.

It is an Independent marketplace where you can download the apps as per your choice; you can count aptoide as the biggest rival of Google Play store.

Why to Choose Aptoide App:

As we all know that Aptoide app is the second largest app store and it is growing day by day, but the most important thing which makes it more popular is that the most of the paid apps in google play store are fee here in aptoide store.

I know you might be surprise but that’s the truth that most of apps for which you have to pay in google play store are free in aptoide store which I think is really a good news for everyone.

Aptoide app can be downloaded for IOs Devices and for android phones.

Aptoide Features:

  • It provides paid apps for free.
  • Best support via aptoide forum and aptoide blog also provides amazing information about updates.
  • Available for iPhone, iPad and iMac, Android Phones.
  • It can be accessible in restricted countries such as China.
  • It provides almost 70K+ apps.
  • Unique and Easy to access UI for easy to use.
  • If you are using a premium account version of Aptoide then you can also create your own app store as well.
  • In Aptoide Ios there are no worries of the manual update. The Aptoide IOS get updated automatically on your phone along with all the apps they are providing also it is getting updated time to time.
  • If you are using latest version of apps and it is giving you any kind of error or bug then you can also revert it back to its previous version.
  • Most important aptoide apk is free of cost for all platforms.

Aptoide Ios:

As we know that Aptoide is the growing app marketplace where you can get all the paid apps in free, so you might have questions that aptoide for ios ? or is there any way to get aptoide for ios? Etc.. but don’t worry we have complete information which will explain you about the process to download the aptoide app for ios.

Aptoide App for Ios:

Aptoide is tremendously in demand for downloading and giving a big fight to Google play store, but if you are a Ios user then you might be disappointed because currently Aptoide is not available for Ios devices.

But still you can use Aptoide for some ios devices, learn the process below:

As you know that aptoide is a android based app so you might be wondering how you can use it for Ios, well the answer is quite simple. You can use aptoide in apple computer but for Iphone there is another app called Cydia but it is risk taking step because to download cydia you need to jailbreak your Iphone, Jailbreak your Iphone is not big task but if you do then you might void your warranty of your phone.

If you still agreeing on the jailbreak of your Iphone then just follow the simple link and download the Cydia app for your Iphone which is alternative of Ios store

So as now your iphone has an alternative option to use paid apps as free, now we talk about how you can use aptoide on your apple computer.

As aptoide is android device so to use it you need a android environment and for you that you need android emulator. It is an application that can run android apps on your pc without giving any headache.

Now follow these steps to run aptoide on your Mac or Ios Desktop.

  • First of all, download the Bluestacks emulator from the official site of Bluestacks.
  • After downloading the Bluestacks Emulator, install it and complete the signup process.
  • Bluestacks will be installed on your Mac and you will be able to run android apps on your Mac.
  • The next step after this is to get the Aptoide APK file.
  • You can get the APK directly from the below-mentioned link. Aptoide Download APK file
  • Follow this steps and you will be able to enjoy android apps on your Mac

As you can now use aptoide for ios without any issues and for you iphone we have suggested you to use cydia which will be best alternative but for that you need to think again as it requires jailbreak.

How to Download Cydia for IOS:

You can use download cydia for ios instead of aptoide for ios. Below we are mentioning the steps to download cyndia for iPhone though you can use for aptoide for mac.

You need to search Cydia for ios that you can download from any of the app download sites. After that, you need to jailbreak your phone. Once you do both the things you can install Cydia on your iPhone without any problem.

Aptoide IOS No jailbreak:

As you are apple user I can expect that you know what is Jailbreak means and what impacts it do. Now I am going to share you about how you can use Aptoide in your Ios Device without doing Jailbreak. Let’s Check out the points on How to Use Aptoide IOS no jailbreak.

To use Aptoide IOS please follow these simple steps and use it without jailbreak your iPhone:

  • Search for The Aptoide in your iPhone
  • You will get the official website of Aptoide mobile app.
  • Once you open the official website of Aptoide App you need to download aptoide apk
  • Now tap the button option just above your round button of iPhone.
  • Under that, select “Add To Homescreen”
  • Now simply name that icon asAptoide

We hope that you might like this and don’t worry if you are android user then we have another article which will tell you about how to use aptoide for android where you will learn about how you can download aptoide for android.