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Aptoide for Android


Aptoide for Android

Aptoide is one of the rival app marketplaces for Google Play Store. Aptoide is basically available for android devices and you can use it without any problem.

Here at aptoide you can download all the paid apps as free, which means you don’t have to pay anything for the apps.

The apps which are paid on Google Play store can be downloading free in Aptoide Store, but to use it you need to download it on your android store.

Aptoide app is not available in Google play store so you need to download it from third party or from its official website of aptoide.

Aptoide app community is growing day by day because the feature it provides is directly giving a tough competition to play store.

The Best Features of Aptoide Apk

  • The best feature of the Aptoide APK is that all the applications are available here absolutely for free.
  • The app aptoide has almost 64700 apps that are created by the most talented developers.
  • The App APK file is available for all versions of the Android.
  • You can use it on both tablets and smartphones.
  • All popular products from games to critical applications are given an adequate rating by the editors.
  • You will get notified about any update instantly through the main interface of the application.
  • Premium users can create their shop and sell their applications in the aptoide app store.
  • It is written in JAVA which offers excellent security and protection from malware attacks.
  • The app is available in 17 languages.

I know you like these features just like others, that’s why it is growing so fast as compare to other apps

Let’s start the step by step process of downloading the aptoide apk for android.

How to Download Aptoide on your Android Devices

As we already told you in the beginning that this app is biggest rival of Google play store, so you can not find it in your android app store. To download Aptoide app you need to use third party website or its official website and for that you need to do some settings in your android phone.

Step 1:
Since it’s a third-party application, you will need to change your Android settings a bit.
Go to Settings -> Security -> Click “Unknown Resources” -> OK -> Download.
Step 2:
Go to Download -> Tap on the Aptoide APK file to install it on your Smartphone.
Step 3:
On successful installation of the Aptoide APK, an icon will appear on the home screen. Click on it to see the latest apps and other products in the marketplace.

After following these steps you can now easily use aptoide app in you android device and download lots of paid apps without paying anything.
If you are a Ios user then you need to follow this aptoide ios article which will guide you about how you can use aptoide for ios devices.